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Dillon the Tuxedo Kitten

Dillon  was a Black & White Tuxedo Bobtail kitten that captured the heart of one of Animal Adoption League's long standing fosters. Every animal we help leaves a paw print, but Dillon was extra special. He was just 2 months old when he was brought into foster care, but from the beginning he charmed all the resident kitties and humans with his charismatic personality and playful nature. Dillon loved to snuggle under the covers, wrestle with all the cats and race to the door to greet any new guests.

Unexpectedly, he died at just 9 months old from congestive heart failure. A vet could not have even predicted it as he showed no signs of a heart murmur.

Dillon's time was tragically short, but to this day his foster Mom continues to take in Black and White Tuxedo cats in his honor.

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