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Patches was my third foster cat for AAL, the group mentioned that they had a cat named Patches who needed someone to work with her to get her to be more social and adoptable.... Patches had been brought to the US from Aruba, where a volunteer saved her from certain death outside of a hotel. For the first week, she wedged herself between the wall and my refrigerator and would not eat, drink, or use the litter box. After the week was over, she graduated to hanging out under my bed and would only come out when I was at work or asleep. She stayed under the bed for three months, and we all realized that it would take someone with a lot of patience to adopt her. So I decided to keep her. She never came around to being social with other people. If you came to my house, you wouldn't even know she was there because she'd be hiding the entire time. With me though, she was the best cat. Snuggly, sweet, and she had the loudest purr. She used to follow me around the house and she would wait for me outside the bathroom every morning while I showered. After work, she'd squawk at me until I settled on the couch so she could sit on my lap. I was lucky to have her for 11 years before she went to the Rainbow Bridge. ~ AAL Foster, Arlena

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